i agree


im stoked ive been able to spend this much time at my cottage. makes the weekends super relaxed.



Its official…I am now the apprentice at Pure Ink tattoo studio in Soho.
3 years of blood, sweat and tears has all lead to this.
Wouldn’t change a second of it.
To all those who supported me along the way thank you.
Its all about to kick off.

Finally! Glad it’s come together for you mate.


My compass. It points to the North East as thats where I spent most of my life growing up. I know im going to travel in the near future so it will always remind me of home. 
It was done by Lewis Parkin @ Northside tattoo’s, Newcastle UK. Took just over 2 hours and hurt like HELL. But it was definitely worth the pain!


Lil B and Lil Wayne. OMG TYBG. WOO WOO

july thirteenth

i’ve had a lot of time to think about stuff lately.. mostly due to it being summer, which leaves the majority of my days super free. i’ve come to the conclusion that i really care too much about what others think. i hope i have come off in such a way that i really couldnt give a crap about anything at all, but that isnt the case.

its not always a bad thing to think about yourself and think of how others view you, but i think sometimes i need to take a step back and see what really matters. 

lately i’ve been watching a ton of interviews of bands and other people who have a bit of a spotlight on them because i’ve always felt i can learn from those who are in positions of responsibility. thats why partially im writing this, because i’ve been pretty inspired by one such interview. 

i watched a q&a with blackveil brides the other day, not because i like their music, but because i was interested in them. they are crazy looking dudes, and i wanted to see what was all the buzz about. andy sixx their lead singer kinda got me thinking, he answered a question: 

"how do you deal with the few haters that don’t appreciate your music?"

andy answered by saying

"if you dont enjoy what we do, we enjoy what we do and other people do. i dont know what you listen to or enjoy but it doesn’t matter to us. the people that tell you that what you enjoy is wrong or come into your life to tell you that the shirt you’re wearing is wrong.. those people are miserable because all they focus on is the things they dont like. fuck you people that don’t like us, have fun with your life. i dont know what you like but i dont care"

i was pretty taken a back by that. its crazy to see someone just not give two shits about that sorta thing. kinda made me think, man im having fun living out what i consider to be a good life, why should i care what others think? 

im going to try harder to not care, and just go on with whatever the hell i feel like.

here’s the Q&A for those of you who are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osiyEQqIcEE